How to Encourage Your Employees to Be Kinder

Kindness is a valuable trait in business. While many think that you have to be ruthless, the truth is that kind employees are better at teamwork and can take a company farther. If you want your employees to be kinder, you may want to follow the tips below.

Be Appreciative

If you want the attitudes of your employees to change, that change has to come from the top. One of the best ways to boost the morale of your employees – and to help them learn to be more kind – is to¬†show appreciation. When your employees do something well, let them know. You don’t have to praise them for things that don’t deserve praise, of course, but be sure to acknowledge them when they do something right. You’ll be surprised by how quickly others follow your lead.


If you want your employees to be kind, you need to get them to see one another as people. One of the best ways to do this is to encourage¬†collaboration. Collaborative efforts have a way of forcing employees to communicate with one another and begin to understand one another’s strengths. While not every project is suited to collaborative work, creating more opportunities for collaboration is often a very useful idea. If you can find a way to make sure your employees interact, the odds are that most of them will find it harder to treat one another poorly.

Value Kindness

No matter how much other work you do, your employees will still pursue so those behaviors that have the most concrete awards. If you want your employees to be kind, then, you’ll have to show that it has real value. When you promote employees to new positions, make sure that teamwork and attitude are part of the equation. When people who treat others well tend to be promoted, it will be noticed by everyone. Making a strong statement about your company’s culture can shock many recalcitrant employees into changing their ways.


Finally, you’ll want to keep your employees in the loop. This encourages kindness because it shows that you value the people in the office and that everyone there has a place. The more value that you place on your employees, the more value they will place on one another. If you can keep up a constant stream of meaningful communication, your employees will feel less like they are struggling alone and more like they are part of a larger team. It might seem like a relatively small thing to change, but it can have a lasting impact on your office.

If you want to show that kindness has values, it will take more than a memo. Start from the top, communicate with your employees, and show that those who are kind will get ahead. If you can make those changes, changes in attitude will soon follow.

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