9 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home This Summer

Many people love decorating their homes in various ways for each passing season, but others find this a challenge. They lament having to keep up with home decorating trends. If you are of the latter group, don’t worry. Decorating your home can be a breeze as long as you have a few essential tips and tricks under your belt. There is a lot of great advice out there for making your home look wonderful in any season.

When it comes to summer decorating, making your house and garden look inviting and lovely all the time is pretty simple. Use these nine unique tips and tricks to you make your own home beautiful, warm and welcoming this summer and you’ll be happy you took the time to do some decorating research.

1. Don’t be afraid of color.

A lot of homeowners are scared to use lots of color, but there is no better time to use color in large quantities than in the summer. For example, paint an accent wall in your bedroom, purchase brightly colored plates and dishes, or add colorful tapestries to your outdoor area.

2. Light candles indoors and outdoors.

Try decorating with candles for a very warm feeling in your home. If you have a house party, candles are in must.

3. Bring nature into your home.

Bringing the outside of your home inside is always a good idea as well. You can create centerpieces with things that you simply find in your backyard. For example, incorporate sticks, stones and moss into your decorating.

4. Try paper lanterns.

Paper lanterns are super summery and very beautiful, especially at night. Choose lanterns in bright colors for a bold look.

5. Go crazy with paint.

Try painting difference pieces of wooden on metal furniture inside your home or on your patio deck. Using pops of color in this way can make your home look more modern.

6. If you don’t like color, make everything white.

If you would rather not go crazy with color, you can always turn to white. Purchase all of your home furnishings in white, and decorate the rest in white for a bold but classy look.

7. Invest in a fountain.

If you’re looking for ways to get outside more often, a fountain is always inviting. This feature may be slightly more expensive, but it’s a great addition to any outdoor area.

8. Buy used decorations at garage sales and bargain centers.

Decorating your home can be slightly expensive if you buy everything new, but you can save money by shopping at garage sales and used good centers.

9. Use fresh flowers.
Finally, if you want to add a little freshness to any look, fresh flowers are never a bad idea.

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