8 Summer Family Photoshoot Ideas to Consider

To celebrate the warmer weather and spend more time outdoors, families can schedule a photoshoot when there’s plenty of sunshine and clear skies. The photos can be displayed in the home or sent out to family members. To create unique photos that stand out, there are a few photoshoot ideas to consider.

1. Shoot in a Park

According to blogs.babycenter.com, you can take better photos by allowing your kids to roam around in an open space. Consider shooting the photos in a park where there’s plenty of room to play, which will make for candid photos that are more natural and less posed.

2. Use Urban Realism

Shoot your family photos in an edgy environment by taking the photoshoot downtown in natural urban surroundings. This will make for unique photos that are visually appealing and are untraditional.

3. Convey a Message

Take photos that convey a specific message with each family member holding up a certain word or letter. This is a fun and creative way of displaying your last name or sending your love to your family and friends.

4. Add a Chalkboard Backdrop

Take photos in front of a chalkboard backdrop where you can write certain messages or draw pictures on the surface, according to hongkiat.com. This makes for a great way to announce a pregnancy or a family move with different colors of chalk that can be used.

5. Use a Large Frame

Use an antique frame where you can pose inside of the item with a wallpaper backdrop for a photo that looks similar to one that would hang on the walls of your home. It’s a unique and vintage way of getting the family together in a non-traditional way.

6. Use a Sports Theme

Families who have a favorite sports team can wear matching jerseys to show off their pride during their photo shoot. It makes for a quirky and fun way to take photos and even include the family pet.

7. Create a Kissy Face

Give your family members and friends a good laugh by having the parents kiss in the photo and the kids squirm with disgust with their eyes closed. This makes for a lighthearted way of showing off your family’s personality and sense of humor with a photo that doesn’t need to be serious.

8. Shoot a Reflection

A beautiful way of taking photos as a family is to capture your reflections in a puddle, window, or mirror. The creative design of the photo will make for an interesting way to photograph each member of your family as you hold hands or hug each other.

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