6 Tips for Moving With Pets Across the Country

When you need to make a move across the country, you will want to bring along your family pets, but animals can experience problems while traveling.

Moving With Pets Tip 1: Have a Computer Chip Implanted In Your Pet

Make sure to have a computer chip implanted in your pet so that if the animal is lost, then a rescue center or veterinarian can find you. Your identifying information such as your name, address and telephone number is kept on file in a database. In addition, it is possible to have medical information concerning your pet in the database’s system so that an animal can receive medication as fast as possible.

Moving With Pets Tip 2: Ship Pet Food To Your New Home 

Prepare before a move by shipping pet food to your new home. Don’t make your pet switch to a different brand of pet food because you can’t find the animal’s favorites at local stores. You can pack and ship dog and cat food, or you can order the items from an online store to have it shipped directly to your new home.

Moving With Pets Tip 3: Have a Comfortable Carrier For Your Pet

You should have a comfortable carrier for your pet so that the animal can move around while traveling. If you plan to travel on an airplane, then contact the airline’s representatives to understand the guidelines concerning transporting pets. You might need to have a pet remain in a special baggage area, or if you have the correct documents, then a dog or cat can remain in the passenger area with you.

Moving With Pets Tip 4: Updated Immunization Records

Make sure that your pets have updated immunizations, and also, carry your pet’s medical records with you while traveling. At a hotel or airport, you may need to supply the immunization records to authorities. You will also have this information with you to give to a new veterinarian at a different location when your pet is ill or injured.

Moving With Pets Tip 5: Practice Traveling In a Vehicle

It is important for your dogs and cats to have short trips in a vehicle first so that the animals don’t panic on a longer trip across the country. Make sure to take your pets through noisy locations such as train stations and airports so that the cats and dogs become accustomed to the sounds of machines and people.

Moving With Pets Tip 6: Does Your Pet Need Medication While Traveling?

When your pet isn’t a good traveler, you may need medication for the animal. A veterinarian can provide medications that will sedate an animal or that prevent motion sickness.

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