6 Adorable Summer Fashion Trends for Children

Most men and women are interested in staying current with the latest fashion trends each season. During the summer months, kids can join in on the fun by looking fashionable in looks that have recently been seen on the runway. To dress your little one in the latest styles, there are a few trends to follow once the temperatures rise.

1. Floral Prints

According to wate.com, floral prints are a hit in the coming season and add plenty of color to different styles of outfits. The floral prints that are used this season will include different characters and animals for a playful style that is plenty youthful. Boys can even rock floral prints with button-up shirts or tank tops that are available to enjoy a tropical outfit that is perfect to wear in warm weather.

2. High Tops

Both boys and girls can enjoy added edge with their clothes by wearing high tops, which have made a comeback from the ’80s. The style is perfect to wear with ripped shorts or leather skirts and will work as the main focal point of the attire. Girls can wear pink or white high tops for shoes that are easy to play in while spending time outdoors.

3. Accessories

Headbands, hair clips, and sunglasses are all in style for little ones and help to dress up both casual and formal attire. Both boys and girls can wear different accessories that are commonly worn by adults. Consider rocking large bows, watches, and bib necklaces with touches that dress up different looks.

4. Bow Ties

Dress your little boy up in a bow tie, which will add extra formality to button-up tops that can be worn at summer weddings or when taking family photos. Clip-on bow ties are easy to wear and will look adorable when paired with suspenders or a classic newsboy cap.

5. Colored Jeans

Enhance your child’s attire with colored jeans that are playful and fun. Colored jeans are appropriate for both boys and girls and can be worn on different occasions. The clothing item can be worn with tank tops and sneakers or slip-on shoes. Opt for slim-fit jeans, which are more modern and sleek with their design.

6. Neon Colors

Kids fashion is more dramatic this summer with neon colors that are a hit for a fresh style that celebrates the season, according to indianexpress.com. Consider pairing neon blue shorts with a printed tee or dressing a little girl in a neon coral dress that allows her to stand out in a crowd. The looks are perfect to wear when visiting the aquarium or if you’re heading out to the beach.

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