5 Wedding Decoration Ideas for an Outdoor Wedding

Those who are planning to host their wedding in an outdoor setting may be looking for unique decor ideas that complement the surrounding environment. The decor that is used will determine the style of the event and can contribute to the aesthetics of both the ceremony and reception. To enhance your outdoor wedding and allow it to stand out, there are a few decor ideas to incorporate to enjoy a dream wedding that is gorgeous.

1. Chalkboards

According to Good4utah.com, chalkboards are a popular addition for outdoor weddings to convey a message on a rustic decor item that is easy to customize. Consider using the chalkboard to display the menu for the reception or to label the area where gifts should be placed. The chalkboards can also be used to direct guests to the restrooms or to an area that is used for parking.

2. Ball Canning Jars

Ball canning jars are a must-have for bohemian or rustic weddings and can be used in a variety of different ways. Consider using the glass jars to hold wildflowers for the centerpieces or to place candy that can be displayed on the dessert table. The jars can be used to incorporate an antique touch to the setting and are affordable to purchase in bulk. The jars are available in clear or blue shades for an added touch of color.

3. Rustic Windows

Hang rustic windows from a beam to create a stunning backdrop where you say “I do” during the ceremony. Scour flea markets and antique stores to find windows that have been torn out of old homes and buildings. The decor will enclose the outdoor space and allow it to feel more intimate.

4. Hang Lanterns From Trees

Illuminate the outdoor wedding space during the reception by hanging antique lanterns from trees near the seating area. This will create a romantic tone and will make it easy to avoid using overhead lights that can appear too bright when used outdoors.

5. Paper Parasols

Paper parasols are a romantic touch to any type of wedding space and are available in a variety of bright hues. The decor item can be hung from trees to create an eclectic space that is calming. The parasols can also be used as props for wedding photos or even used by the bridesmaids when walking down the aisle. The item is perfect to use for warmer weddings in the summer season to shade the outdoor setting and keep it cool for the guests. They can also be paired with colorful paper pom poms, which are an easy DIY project and will contribute to the style of the event.

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