5 Common Crawl Space Mistakes Homeowners Make

Due to lack of knowledge, many homeowners make significant mistakes in their crawl spaces to improve the area, reduce humidity and stop mold. Some of those errors usually happen because people decide to do all their home improvement projects on their own instead of calling a professional. If you are thinking of doing something in your crawlspace, here are five mistakes you should avoid;

1. Unnecessary Vents

Under the misguided notion that more vents will get rid of the excess moisture, some people go ahead and increase the vents in their crawlspace. What they don’t know is that excess vents allow warm and humid air inside the space which will increase humidity and cause mold. Adding more holes in your foundation is also a dangerous business that can mess with the integrity of your house.

2. Improper Drainage

Proper drainage is critical in ensuring your home, and the foundation remains safe and stable. If water stagnates near your foundation for too long, it is likely to be absorbed by the materials and enter into your house. Apart from having clear lines to take rainwater away, gutters and downspouts should also be well installed and maintained.

3. Venting a Dryer into the Crawlspace

This is the most common mistake especially if the homeowner installs their washer and dryer. It mostly occurs when one does not seek the services of a professional installer for their appliances. With time, the dryer vent will pump enough moist air into the crawl space to cause dampness and mold.

4. Installing Insulation on Wet Crawlspace

The only universal advice given to homeowners is that you should insulate your crawlspace to prevent mold issues. What people know is that you should not cover an already moist wall or floor because you will trap that moisture inside causing it to get worse and destroy the surface. You should also never spray foam on top of a moist wall or beam because you will end up with significant mold and rotting wood. A professional should be contacted to check the walls and floors for mold and wetness and remove them before insulating.

5. Neglecting the Crawlspace

Granted, most people are not fond of tight, airless spaces because they look scary. However, the crawlspace and attic can affect the rest of your house if they have issues such as moisture, mold and pest infestation. Though you cannot be able to clean the crawlspace daily, it’s a good idea to clean the space and the vents once in a while and check for moisture and pest so you can’t control them before they cause significant damage.

Besides from cleaning, anything else that you may want to do in the crawlspace should be done by a professional. Look for a company that is reputable and understands how insulation works, so they don’t just cover up what is wrong.

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