3 Best Times to Smoke Marijuana

One fact associated with cannabis is that different strains have certain affects on the human body. Whichever state of mind you want to reach begins with selecting the right type of marijuana. In today’s cannabis culture, there are many strains to choose from such as: Purple Haze, White Widow, Hindu Kush, Blue Dream, and Trainwreck which all have their own unique effects. It’s wise to know the type of marijuana you’re smoking because selecting the right strain amplifies the complete euphoric feeling. Therefore, lets take a look at the three best times to smoke marijuana

First, one of the best times to smoke is after a long day of hard work and you just want to lounge by yourself or with friends. If this is the case, then you’ll want a type of cannabis that’s Indica. Indica allows for relaxation and induces a state of calmness throughout the entire body for approximately 2-3 hours. That being said, it’s best suited for nighttime because it’s a body high that induces a tranquil mood, rather than an active mood. Smoke Indica strains in times of need such as: body pain and anxiety relief, before bed, muscle relaxation, and treatment of insomnia.

Secondly, if you’re going to smoke during the day, there is nothing better than packing a bowl of Sativa. Sativa marijuana produces a positive mind high and energizes your outlook on whatever you’re doing. It’s best suited for day time usage or if you’re looking for a morning high, you can’t go wrong with a wake n’ bake! Sativa strains create a euphoric feeling in the mind and surely uplifts spirits to a happier state. As long as it’s during the day, any hour is the right hour to smoke a sativa dominant strain.

Thirdly, the best time smoke is when you’re in a need of attaining a balance of body and mind. If you need to be productive without the drowsy effect, this calls for a hybrid strain. Hybrid marijuana is suitable for doing less serious activities that don’t require careful attention to detail. Hybrid strains are most enjoyable like when you’re washing the car, watching TV, or cleaning around the house. So, if your day is looking a little out of balance and you need to regroup your thoughts, this is one of the best times to have a smoke.

Overall, the best time to smoke marijuana is really anytime. First, It’s smart to know what kind of feeling (high) you want. Next, you’ll want to know what’s the right type of marijuana (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid) that best suites your particular time of need. Approaching it like this gets you the best high every time!

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