3 Benefits of Display Cases for Your Military Medals

Few things commemorate an important achievement in life like military medals. They are difficult to replace, have deep meaning and are only given to the select people who serve their country. Once you are out of uniform, though, you need to find a place to keep your medals. Display cases are the storage of choice for a lot of veterans.

Limit Handling and Keep Items Together

People often like to see the military medals of their friends and family. If you want to accommodate them, you will take them out of storage and maybe even allow people to handle them. Of course, careful handling does little damage, but no one really wants oily prints all over their memorabilia. Display cases make it easy to show people military medals without having to pull them out. More importantly, no one, not even you, has to touch them.

You can keep other items in your display cases with your medals. For example, an official military photo or a photo from a mission overseas is an appropriate addition. It is also easy to put the official letters that typically come with awards in the military as well as any other noteworthy military documents in a display case with medals.

Keep Them Safer and Cleaner

Medals kept in a drawer bang into each other and slide along the drawer when it’s opened. Unless the drawer is felt-lined and contains compartments, medals in drawers are going to get scratched and dirty. Display cases often feature smooth material, particularly felt. The medals can either lie down in the case or be pinned to the backboard of a shadow box. Either way, they are not moving around and are protected from dust.
Proper Placement

Some veterans enjoy putting their medals on display in the same way in which they are meant to wear them. Lining them up as they would be on a dress uniform keeps them neat. Pin them in place so they will not move. Drape medals on ribbon from the back of a shadow box to the front or lie them down in a low display case with the ribbon up–the way you would wear it around your neck.

Veterans don’t always want to put their medals on display. It’s a complicated situation, but it is possible to keep medals tucked away in some display cases. You can use a display case however you see fit to keep your medals secure for yourself and future generations.

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