When To Acknowledge Your Employees With a Trophy

Acknowledging the accomplishments of others is always something great managers do. Of course, there are many ways to accomplish this. However, one of the most timeless is to give trophies to your employees. Unfortunately, many mangers wonder when to acknowledge an employee with a trophy. Thankfully, there are plenty of occasions for handing out a trophy. If you are on the hunt for some reasons to hand out trophies, check out the ideas below.

Mission Accomplished Trophies
Did your employees just successfully complete a huge project? If they have, it might be a great time to hand out a trophy. A trophy that celebrates the completion of a huge project or assignment lets employees know their work is appreciated. Trophies delivered to honor a job well done will remind your employees they did something significant for years to come. That’s an investment in the future.

Longevity Trophies
Trophies are a great way to celebrate longevity. If you have employees who have served for a long period of a time, a trophy will let them know their dedication to your organization has not gone unnoticed. When publicly displayed, these trophies also motivate other employees to stick with your company for the long haul. In other words, these trophies can lower turnover rates!

Hard Data Trophies
Did an employee in your company set a record for sales? Did an employee have incredibly fast turnaround times for satisfying the needs of clients? Are there other kinds of numbers that can be celebrated in your company? If you can think of some, a trophy honoring the specific data behind success can both honor an employee and motivate others to surpass previous benchmarks.

Cyclical Trophies
Some trophies are meant to be passed around for enjoyment. For example, have you ever considered creating an trophy to honor an employee of the month? You could also create a trophy to honor a person who is admired by others. Each month, the ownership of this trophy can change. You can even have the names of previous recipients engraved on the trophy. Over time, these trophies become increasingly prized and coveted by employees to call their own for a month or two.

Fun Trophies
Not all trophies need to be linked to something serious. Trophies to honor silly or even trivial things can be handed out at holiday parties or company picnics. These trophies don’t need to be expensive. All they need to do is bring a little bit of joy to employees during a celebration.

Truly, there is never a lack of ways you can provide your employees with trophies. Consider using the above reasons to get some trophies into the hands of your awesome employees as soon as you can.

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