Top 10 Advantages of Going Solar

There must be something behind the global drive to make the most use of the biggest source of free energy in our solar system. Below are ten advantages why you as an individual would want to go solar in your way.

Energy Security
By installing solar power, you are assured that there will never come a time when you will sit in the dark for hours on end.

Lower Power Bills
Supplementing your household energy requirements with solar energy can significantly lower your monthly electricity bill. It’s even possible to remove your house completely from the power grid and not even have to pay a single cent to the power utility company.

Source of Income
Homes able to fully satisfy their power requirements from solar sources can export surplus energy to the government’s power grid. The Net Metering policy guarantees that homeowners are selling power to the government get paid at exact market retail rates.

Government Tax Incentives and Tax Rebates
The Residential Energy Property Credit is a system that homeowners who install solar cells on the roofs of their homes qualify for a tax rebate of up to 30% of the total investment. If you spend $ 10,000 on solar power for your house, you are entitled to a tax rebate of up to $3000. You will, however, be required to fill form 5695 obtained from the IRS website.

Increase Value Asset Value
The home is one of the most valuable assets an individual can have. There is not a better way to enhance the value of your house almost two fold than making use solar power installations in your home.

Job Creation
The solar energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries today. By choosing to use solar power in your home, you would be availing jobs to the countless numbers of unemployed in the country.

Multiple Uses of Solar Power
Solar cells are the most common application making use of energy from the sun. You can opt to cook your food, heat your bath water and air condition your home all from the solar energy.

Slow Down Global Warming
Making use of solar energy will go a long way in lowering the greenhouse gas emissions that would have produced in generating power for your home.

Conservation of the Environment
Solar energy as with all renewable energies has no negative impact on the environment in that it does not make use of a raw material-intensive process to produce energy.

Future Prosperity
By going solar, you will be playing a critical role in ensuring that your descendants get to live in a world that is devoid of all negative human enterprise that has contributed to the world of today.

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