To Repair or Replace a Gaming System? That is the Question

Video game consoles are incredibly popular. While most are built to withstand normal use, there have always been hardware issues that can cause the machines to fail. If you experience hardware failure, you’ll have to deal with the ultimate problem – whether to repair or replace your gaming machine. Figuring out the answer is as easy as answering the questions below.

Is it Under Warranty?

This is the biggest question in the repair vs. replace debate. Modern video game consoles come with a warranty, though it’s usually limited to a few months. If you’re lucky, you’ve got a console with a full year warranty – and you might have even been smart enough to buy protection for up to three years. Under most warranty programs, you can get your console repaired for free. This won’t always result in you keeping your old game data, though, so be careful when you ship it in. Always back up your data before you do any kind of repair.

What’s the Cost?

If you don’t have a warranty on your machine, you’ve got to figure out what the cost of your repair would be. Some video game consoles need repairs that are deceptively simple – you might be able to fix it by watching a Youtube video and investing in a few dollars worth of parts. In other cases, though, the cost of repairs will be near or equal to the cost of buying a new or used console. In any case, repair the console at your own risk – in the case of those who own a PS4,Sony is clear that repairs you do yourself will void your warranty.

Is a Fix Possible?

Above and beyond all other questions, you have to ask yourself if it’s actually possible to fix a video game console. While these consoles were once shrouded in secrecy, companies like iFixit have recently put out dozens of very useful repair manuals. Unfortunately, there are some problems that just can’t be fixed. Do some research to find out if your problem has any fix or if you’ll have to go after a new consoles. Sometimes, it’s worth paying more to get something back that will actually work.

So, should you repair or replace? In the end, it’s usually a decision that comes down to money. If it costs you less to replace a console than repair it, it’s usually not worth the effort of voiding a warranty and taking a sophisticated piece of machinery apart. If you can repair the console for less, though, it’s usually better to preserve what you have than to pay full price for something that might break again.

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