Tips to Help You Increase Your Forklift Battery Life

Forklifts can run on electricity, propane and gasoline. Due to the rising costs of fuel, electric forklifts have become incredibly popular. They’ve also grown in popularity because of mounting concerns over environmental issues.

When compared with traditional models, electric forklifts have several benefits to offer. One of the greatest advantages is the fuel savings.

Since electric forklifts don’t run on propane or gasoline, they can cost significantly less money to operate. If you own an electric forklift and want to maximize your savings, there some great tips that you can follow.

Keep the Battery Above 20 Percent

The instructions for most electric forklifts will recommend recharging the forklift after it has reached 20 percent battery life. Although it can be very tempting, deep discharging the battery isn’t a good idea.

By allowing the battery to drop below 20 percent, it can cause the components to overheat. If the lift has already been running from a full charge, its components will be very hot.

By stopping the forklift at 20 percent battery life, you give it time to cool down and prevent the components from overheating. This practice also keeps the battery in good condition, which will increase the battery’s overall lifespan.

Avoid Sporadic Charging

It’s not uncommon for forklift operators to give the lift a quick charge while they’re having lunch. Many experts call this practice opportunity charging. The total lifespan of a forklift battery is determined by the number of charge cycles it has endured.

If you start charging the battery in sporadic bursts, the battery will start to require this type of charging, and in the end, the efficiency of the battery will suffer. If this practice is continued for a long period of time, there will come a time when the battery won’t charge anymore.

Inspecting The Battery’s Water Level

A lot of people don’t know that a forklift battery has a water level. The water is actually a very important component because it helps to maintain the life of the battery. During a typical cycle, the water inside of the battery gets heated and begins to split into oxygen and hydrogen.

The positive plate discharges the oxygen while the negative plate discharges the hydrogen. Over time, the water level will drop. As the water gets lower, the plates inside of the battery will become exposed. Once exposed to air, the material on the plates can become brittle and dry, which can result in permanent damage.

You can avoid this problem and prolong the lifespan of the battery by regularly checking the water level. If it’s low, you can refill it with distilled water. These are some simple tips that you can use to increase your forklift battery life.

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