Simple Decorative Window Film Ideas to Consider

Window film, available in a wide variety of colors and textures, is one of the easiest ways to change the look and feel of a space, whether you’re using it to improve energy efficiency or block an unsightly view. Decorative films use no adhesive and can easily be removed without leaving any kind of residue behind.

Besides enhancing your home’s aesthetics, window films also:

• Cut glare. During some seasons, the angle of the sun will create glare on television and computer screens. Applying an opaque film to the glass will stop that glare, and there’ll be no need to close the blinds or drapes for better viewing.

• Improve privacy. A clear glass shower enclosure makes a striking architectural statement, but as a practical matter, it offers no privacy. You may also have windows that are difficult to dress by virtue of their size or your personal preferences. Applying window film will obstruct the view without eliminating natural daylight altogether.

• Reduce energy bills. Homes with single-pane windows lose tremendous amounts of energy through the glass. Solar window films will block the heat transfer, inside and out. Although these films aren’t textured, they do have a hue, whose color intensity depends on their ability to reflect heat. They’re also available in various shades of blue-grey and bronze.

Look on the packaging to select the low-e (low emissivity) film. If you plan to apply the film yourself, buy enough for a few practice runs and pay close attention to the installation instructions. These films can be a do-it-yourself project, but for the best results, practice and follow the directions carefully.

Solar films block the daytime view from the outside without affecting the clarity of view outdoors. However, they provide no privacy at night when interior lights are on.

• Hide bad views. Instead of leaving the shades or curtains drawn, use window film to mask unsightly views. You can pick something that’s textured or colorful to mask the view outdoors.

• Change the seasonal feel. Some climates have long and uncomfortable summers or winters that can be psychologically distressing. A winter scene on the windows when temperatures are scorching can change your attitude. Conversely, a balmy beach scene during a long, cold winter might help change your perspective. You can also apply holiday-themed films to add to the ambience of your home.

• Protect plants. Some plants require bright light, but don’t do well in direct sunlight, like African violets. An opaque window film blocks the direct light and heat from the sun without decreasing the light available for plants.

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