Five Ways to Sell Your Home Faster This Summer

Whether you need to be out quickly so you can move into your new home or need to downsize in a hurry, you want to sell your home within days if possible. However, the summer months tend to feature a lot of competition on the housing market. What can you do to make your house the most attractive to buyers?

Price to Sell

The best way to get your home off the market quickly is to price it below market value. Buyers will flock to your listing because they know that they will be getting a deal. Ironically, listing below market value may actually spur a bidding war that helps increase the amount it sells for.

Show Off Features People Can Use Now

The summer months are hot and humid. If you have central air or a pool, emphasize those in your listing. Buyers will love the fact that they can move into a place that will be cool and comfortable while others are sweltering in the heat.

Market the Home on Social Media

Your real estate agent will have an email list that has thousands of names on it. However, there is nothing wrong with marketing the home on your own social media networks. The more people who see the listing, the better your chances are of finding a buyer. Therefore, don’t hesitate to market on your own if you feel like it provides a chance to sell the home faster.

Curb Appeal Can Work Wonders

A home with curb appeal is a home that will catch a buyer’s eye first. Adding some flowers, sealing the driveway and adding a fresh coat of paint to the front door are all easy and inexpensive ways to add to your home’s curb appeal. Remember, when buyers think that you take care of the details outdoors, they will assume that you took good care of the home’s interior as well.

Negotiate With Buyers Whenever Possible

If you are willing to compromise and negotiate with buyers, you may get more offers and find one that is suitable to accept. For instance, you may want to offer sellers concessions, allow buyers to keep appliances in the home or make fixes before the sale closes. Doing so may make the home more affordable for a potential buyer as well as overcome any objections that he or she may have.

Selling your home doesn’t have to take weeks or months. If you keep your home in good condition, are willing to price it to sell and don’t mind negotiating in good faith with those who make offers, you can have your home off the market within days at a reasonable price.

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