Five Reasons You Should Back Up Your Data

Users of computerized devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones dread losing their data. It is an agonizing experience to lose that business presentation you have prepared for weeks on your computer or those photos you took with your Android phone during the last class expedition trip. The probability of losing data stored in a computerized device is difficult to measure but to be safe you should never completely rule out the occurrence of data loss. It should not be a matter of if the device’s storage will fail but when it will fail. This perspective that one day the computer’s storage will fail justifies data backup on all computerized devices. Here are five crucial reasons why you should backup your data:

The probability of your device getting lost stolen: I am sure you have lost your computerized device, either a phone, a laptop, a tablet or a desktop computer, one time or another. It may have been stolen, or you might have left it somewhere. In the event of losing your computerized device without a backup, you lose all the data you had saved there in. If you did not have a backup copy of the data somewhere else, this might be a cause of alarm for data recovery is a fifty-fifty affair where success and failure are both possible outcomes. However, with a backup copy of the files, you will have little to worry about.

Simple Recovery: Backing up your data makes recovery easier in case your device’s storage gets compromised. There are times when recovering lost files from the internal storage of a spoilt device is impossible or difficult. Having a backup somewhere else makes the recovery process easier.

Difficulty in predicting power failures that cause hardware malfunctions: In most cases storage hardware faults are triggered by power failures or spikes. Since it is hard to predict power spikes and failures which might compromise your storage device, having a backup of your data somewhere else is recommended.

Temporary storage is just that; temporary: Many people have the notion that the hard drive of a computer is a permanent storage device. This is a wrong perception; these devices are meant only for temporary storage for they are subject to many stressors such as power fluctuations. It is a wise idea to backup data to more safe and permanent platforms such as the Google drive or a cloud-based professional backup service.

Human beings are open to error and mistakes. Making a mistake such as pressing the delete file button by mistake or spilling coffee on a computer or wrongly saving a file is possible. Having a backup saves you from the hassle of finding a data recovery services or having to repeat work already done.

Data backups ensure that an extra copy of data is available for use to in case the original copy is lost. Don’t get caught unawares, backup your data now. Data loss is expensive both at a personal and institutional level.

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