Clever Party Theme Ideas for Summer 2016

Summer’s here again and with it comes the parties we love. Unfortunately, not all parties are created equal. Most people choose the tired themes we see from year to year or don’t even try a theme at all when planning a party. It’s never too late to change your summer party into an unforgettable event. Just look at these fun and exciting ideas that will leave guests saying you’re the party planning master.

Arctic Chill

One of the most overused summer party themes is the tiki bar or luau. No one is saying these themes are not fun, but after attending party after party with one or both of these combinations, it becomes tiring. An arctic theme provides the perfect antidote to the hot summer days. It’s all about invoking the cool climate and unique look of the region.

Every drink should have a cold weather theme and include accessories such as lighted ice cubes or shaved ice. As Condiment noted on Huffington Post, “It doesn’t take a huge budget to make something unique and special…” You can still go to the classics, such as a martini or fruit drink, just find a way to incorporate the theme. For example, choose martini or tequila glasses with a frosted look. Slightly chill them before serving the drink and the look is complete.

A Brazilian Summer

The 2016 Summer Olympics shines the spotlight on Rio and its bustling mix of cultures. There are several ways to bring an air of Rio to your own party. Carnival is one of Rio’s most celebrated events, so it’s easy to see why it works. Try adding a bit of glitter and flash to recreate the dancers’ unique costumes. Introduce music that is played during the festival to liven up the mood.

In the spirit of the Olympics, introduce a special sporting theme. Find products that feature logos from the Rio Olympics or make your own. Circular chocolates wrapped in gold foil are a great touch.

Underground Champagne Soiree

There’s is nothing like Paris in the summer. Everyone knows the traditional Parisian themes for parties, but there’s a new style of party popping up in the city that can easily inspire your own events. As noted by New York Times writer Dmitry Kostyukov, the underground party uses “…catacombs, empty railway tracks and abandoned chateaus …” to create unique party venues. Now, were not saying try this at home, instead introduce the theme with decorations and creative drinks servings that emphasize this rebellious mentality.

Summer is a great time to have a party. Try a new theme and expand the way you look at each event. From bold styles to a traveler’s delight, let your own imagination and the current trends become your guide.


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