6 Workout Moves You Need To Try

Many men and women are looking for ways to get in better shape. But it is often difficult to keep up with workouts and fitness trends. There is so much information out there about how you should work out and the best ways to get in shape that it can get confusing over time.

Don’t give up on your workout and fitness goals just because you don’t exactly know what workout moves to try! Below, you will find six essential moves to help you stay in shape or get in shape if that is your goal. Use these moves on a regular basis and you will see improvement in only a few weeks.

1. The Plank

To do the plank, put a yoga mat on the floor and get on your stomach laying down. Push yourself up as if to do a push-up but stay in the position with your arms extended and locked. Hold this pose for as long as you can.

2. The Squat

This is another classic pose that will help improve the muscles in your butt and thighs. It will also help your core. Stand with your feet shoulder’s length apart and slowly start bending your knees and lowering your butt toward the ground. Try to get your thighs and shins at a 90 degree angle to each other without having your knees go forward over your ankles.

3. The Lunge

This move with also help your butt and thighs. You can do it in any direction. For example, go forward, to the side or backward. Start with your feet shoulder’s length apart and lunge forward, backward or to the side with one leg. Again, do not let your knees go past ankles. Stay in the lunge position for a moment before coming back to the starting position.

4. The Pushup

To do a traditional push-up, lay on your stomach on yoga mat. Push yourself up, keeping your back and legs straight. Lock your elbows and hold the plank for a second before lowering yourself to the ground. This is one push up.

5. The Glute Bridge

To do a glute bridge, lay on your back on a yoga mat. Bend your knees so that they create a triangle in front of you. Lay your hands and arms at your side, and push your pelvis up toward the ceiling.

6. Burpees

Burpees can be extremely hard if you go at them with all your energy. Start in the standing position and go quickly down onto a yoga mat by jumping into the plank position. Do one push-up. Jump your feet back up toward your hands and standup. Jump up into the air with your hands in the air. This is one burpee.

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