5 Women’s Fashion Trends for This Spring

Spring’s hottest trends began on the Fashion Week runways in the fall of 2017. Designers displayed stunning ensembles with a great deal of originality, but also shared several trends that could be applied to every woman’s daily wardrobe.


On the Fashion Week runways, models for a number of different designers sported bold red, white, and blue outfits with stars and stripes. Some of these designs incorporated one of the other hot trends of this season: a dramatic, swinging fringe.
These patriotic ensembles also included classic blazer and skirt combinations. Though these were worn with casual slides, they could easily be adapted for work with a more formal shoe. Mixed stripes were also in vogue, tying in with other popular concepts.

Mixed Prints

On the Spring 2018 runway, mixed prints and checks made a splash. These ranged from florals to plaids. Graphic prints and polka dots also made showings. Women wanting to try this trend in daily life will have no problem finding interesting prints to mix and match. The look can be bold and “in your face” or subtle.


Statement fringe made a remarkable appearance on the 2018 Fashion Week runways. Some designers opted for trim on a purse or jacket while others created an entire dress with the flowing concept. Some designers chose a cascade effect with fringes in graduated colors. From a practical standpoint, that much fringe can be difficult to wear in daily life, so most women will want to try for the trimmed approach.

Saturated Colors

While some traditional pastels made appearances on the runway, bright, saturated colors made far more of an impression. Just shy of neon, these colors lit up the runway. These will make a smooth transition to any woman’s regular wardrobe. One of the trending saturated colors of the spring is the 2018 Pantone color of the year, Ultra Violet.


Back from the 1990s, bold designer logos were combined with pastels and statement jewelry on the runway. This trend is inspired by sportswear. It will be very easy to wear this spring in a casual setting. Some brands also released more subtle prints with small company logos, which would wear more easily at work. The looks were often combined with a matching branded shoe.

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