5 Things to Consider before Moving to a New Home

People moving to a new home often get overly fixated on the actual moving of their personal belongings and paperwork. They tend to overlook other more important factors and things that are actually worth considering. Before uprooting your life and family from the comforts and security that your current abode offers, here’s five things to consider before moving:

Figure Out the Cost of Living in the Neighborhood

Cost of living can vary greatly from one city to the next. The cost of living in New York City is very different from living in the middle of Nebraska. Study the market including how much groceries cost, average mortgage rates, and utility expenses.

Pack Smart

The actual move is a physical tribulation that no homeowner wants to deal with. Fortunately, you can easily get ahead before it turns stressful and chaotic. Start packing your items week in advance. Go out and grab some packing tape and boxes. Be sure to organize your stuff between fragile items and the rest of your possessions.

Change the Locks

Making sure your family is secure should be priority when you move to a new home. As soon as you sign off of the papers and close the deal, buy a new set of locks for your door and install them immediately. If you have no experience changing locks, call in a locksmith to switch them for you. It’s a onetime expense that’s worth every penny. You never know who else has a copy of the keys for the existing lock. Maybe it’s just the previous owners, but maybe it’s also the realtors or maintenance people?

Clean Up the House 

While most homeowners are considerate enough to clean up the property, top to bottom, before they pass the baton or the torch to the new homeowner, some homeowners aren’t as considerate. Even if they do clean the house, it wouldn’t feel comfortable to not clean it yourself before you start to feel at home. If you’re tied up for time, hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. If you have the time and the cleaning equipment and products, doing it yourself can save you cash.

Repaint Your Walls 

This is another time-consuming activity that you might want to pass onto a professional. It isn’t just about applying a coat of paint onto the walls and ceiling. You’ll have to prepare the wall for painting including filling up any holes and repairing cracks and other defects, which can take time and skill.

A lot of people who move to a new home are usually too excited to realize the responsibilities of moving to a new place. By reading this article and following the tips aforementioned, you can be better prepared for the move.

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