5 Major Benefits to Gain from Barre Classes

Barre class workouts are developed from ballet moves designed to strengthen, sculpt and improve flexibility. They have become increasingly popular in recent years and have proven to be extremely beneficial for overall health. Because no prior experience is required to jump right into these workouts, barre classes have a widespread appeal. If you are considering trying out a barre workout, you have the following benefits to look forward to.

1. Weight Loss

Most people see a significant weight loss within three weeks to three months of taking barre classes. Exercisers with more dance experience may experience weight loss more quickly because they are able to execute the moves more purposefully.

2. Increased Strength

Most of the moves performed during a barre workout are based on isometric contractions. This involves tiny movements of the muscles, which do not change length during the exercise. Through these movements, it is possible to isolate specific muscles to work through higher-rep and lower-weight exercises.

3. Target Multiple Muscles

Barre moves are designed to engage many different muscle groups at the same time. This makes workouts more efficient than traditional strength exercises because it requires focus on different target zones all at once. This challenge can also help to elevate the heart rate, which also increases the total calorie burn from the workout.

4. Shaking Muscles

While this may not seem like a desirable result, many barre exercises help transform the body by causing the muscles to shake. If you spend a significant amount of time in a muscle contraction while maintaining an isometric hold, the muscles will quickly become fatigued. In response, the muscles begin to shake, which means you are making the most out of the exercise. It is important to remember that dehydration can increase the amount of shaking during a workout, so it is recommended that you consume water during class.

5. Increased Body Awareness

The focus required to execute many of the moves in a barre class can help strengthen the mind-body connection. This is because many barre moves demand attention to a specific area of the body in holding a position and performing isometric movements. For exercisers who are not as in-tune with their muscle groups, this can bring a heightened level of awareness to entire groups of muscles that you would not normally use or think about in daily life. One of the most noticeable benefits from this is increased posture throughout the day. There is a strong emphasis on proper alignment in barre classes, so this attention to posture typically translates to heightened awareness of the spine in daily life.

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