4 Ways to Store Your E-Liquid

It seems like the world is beginning to accept vaping. This new way of smoking has been growing in popularity for some time and is changing things in a smoker’s home. For one, you now have to worry about storing your e-liquids correctly. The following are four ways you can store your e-liquids safely.

1. Glass it Up

The first thing you have to worry about when it comes to your vaping liquid is that it is delicate. Heat, light, and even air can degrade it, so you have to find ways to protect your e-liquid from these elements when storing, which is why it is encouraged to use a dark glass container to keep your e-liquid safe. What you are doing is protecting the flavor you love by using a container that is not as permeable, which will prevent air from getting into the container.

2. Darkness is Your Friend

You have to make sure you consider storing your liquid in a dark location. UV light degrades flavors and the e-liquid itself. You do not want to end up vaping something that tastes bitter because you did not protect it from those damaging UV rays. You may think it is enough to just keep the liquid away from windows where they would get direct sunlight, but this is not enough. Consider placing the container with your e-liquid inside a cabinet or something equally as dark that you know will not be opened frequently.

3. Freezing the Flavor

Those considering storing your flavor longer than just a few days or weeks need to consider freezing it. The freezer is dark, and you will reduce the chances of bacteria forming over long periods of time. Keep in mind that the liquid will not actually freeze because these liquids have a very low freezing point, so do not worry when you see the e-liquid’s consistency unchanged. Make sure that you remove the e-liquid from the freezer, and let it warm up to room temperature on its own for best results when you are ready to vape again.

4. Safe Keeping

One last thing to keep in mind is you need to keep your e-liquid away from pets or kids. Your pets or kids should not get a hold of the e-liquid because they could consume too much, which could be detrimental to their health. Sure, most of the containers that come with e-liquids are usually child-resistant, but that does not mean your children or pets cannot find a way to get the container open. You want to take additional precautions if you are going to be storing the liquid for a long time, like placing the container in a child-lock box or something similar.

Hopefully, some of these solutions make it easy for you to store your vape juice safely and for a long time. You can talk to your vaping specialist about other storing tips he or she may have for you.

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