3 Gym Machines Everyone Should Use

Most modern gyms are filled with a dizzying array of machines, so it can seem difficult to choose a few to focus on. However, not all machines are created equal, and there are certain machines that you should prioritize no matter your level of workout experience. Many gym patrons are tempted to stick to the machines they know best or to go right to free weights when they’re pressed for time, but this often isn’t the best way to go, and there are a few machines that are the best go-to options if you only have time for a few exercises. Here are three machines that everyone should use when they go to the gym:

1. Water Rower
For a full body workout, you won’t do any better than a rowing machine. Competitive rowers use these to work out when the weather keeps them off the water, but the total body workout that it provides can be useful for gym patrons of any level of experience. Because these machines require you to push with your lower body and pull with your upper body, they work out both halves of your body without putting too much stress on any singular muscle group. Water rowers are also ideal for people with posture issues, as they allow for a complete workout without causing any pain or further postural problems.

2. Horizontal Seated Leg Press
If you’re trying to focus on lower body muscles, the horizontal seated leg press is your best bet. This machine works out your quads, gluteals, hamstrings and calves all at once without putting too much stress on any one muscle. Many personal trainers cite the horizontal seated leg press as their preferred lower-body machine, and the motion is very easy for beginners to get the hang of. In addition, if you’re trying to work towards free weight squats, it can be a good way to prepare and strengthen your leg muscles.

3. Chest Press
While the horizontal seated leg press is the best overall lower-body machine, the chest press can serve as a total workout for your upper body. This machine works your chest, biceps and triceps, and it has several advantages over other upper-body gym machines. For one, it’s extremely easy to get the hang of the correct motion, as the chest press motion is similar to doing a push-up. In addition, strengthening your chest, biceps and triceps can help you work towards more complex compound upper-body exercises such as bench presses.

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